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The Witblitz-2 kit is not available anymore.


This is a faster version of the popular Witblitz Pylon Racer that we raced in 2009 and 2010. Speeds of 200+ km/h are easily attainable.*

Being intended for high speed, the new Witblitz-2 features a redesigned all-wood fuselage to withstand the higher flight stresses. The new fuselage is also much slimmer, adding to the funky good looks of this hasty new kid on the block.

The new tapered wing looks very elegant and it sports a new, low drag, high speed airfoil. The Witblitz-2 feels rock-solid when going very fast, while retaining the easy-launching and slow-landing abilities of it's predecessor.

There are two power options with the Supra 2216 Brushless Motor. With a 3-cell LiPo pack, the Witblitz-2 has a top speed of approx. 150 km/h, but a 4-cell LiPo transforms this model into a real screamer with a top speed in excess of 200 km/h.

* The Witblitz-2 prototype was clocked at 210.8 km/h on 29 January 2012, using a 4-cell LiPo.

* Danie de Beer recorded 253km/h on 28 September 2012 (measured with on-board GPS).

The equipment used was a standard Supra 2216-1900Kv motor on 4S Nano-Tech 1300mA/h 45C LiPo.

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Please Note

The Witblitz-2 is a builder's kit. It is not an ARF model.

Witblitz-2 Kit

Construction: CNC-cut Balsa, Ply & Foam Wing
Wingspan: 720mm

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No stock

Price: R850.00

Transparent Hinge Tape

Heavy duty, Waterproof - 24mm x 15m
Guaranteed to stay stuck, up to 400 km/h

No stock

Price: R120.00


Supra 2216-1900Kv Brushless Motor

Kv: 1900 RPM/volt
Rm: 0.0303Ω
Io: 2.1A
Weight: 71g

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Prop chart

No stock

Price: R370.00

Graupner 6.5 x 6.5 Speed Prop

Carbon-filled Nylon Racing Propeller
8mm dia. bore
For use with 1900Kv motor

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Price: R90.00


Replacement Wing Kit

Foam wing cores and all wood parts required to make
a new wing for the Witblitz-2 pylon racer

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Price: R280.00


Graupner 6 x 6 CAM Speed Prop

Carbon-filled Nylon Racing Propeller
8mm dia. bore
For use with 2200Kv motor

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Price: R90.00


Please Note:

The items shown below will not be stocked any longer, since it can be obtained from most hobby shops.

4S Nano-Tech 1300mAh 45C LiPo

Excellent performance - Low voltage drop
XT-60 Connector
Weight: 155g


TURNIGY Plush 40A Speed Controller

40A Continous, 55A Burst Current (10 sec)
BEC: 3A, 5V
Weight: 33g


GWS Naro HP-BB Sub-micro Servo

Ball bearing version
Torque: 1.2kg/cm
Weight: 8.8g

(3 Required)


(Available from hobby shops)

Iron-on covering: Solarfilm or similar
(Don't use Polyester covering, i.e. Oracover)

CA glue, epoxy, control horns, clevices, etc.

Also Recommended:
Great Planes "Easy-Touch Hand Sander"
for sanding the wing cores before covering